Learners of the Month – Sarabjit Singh and Donna Fenlon, October 2023

Absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news: October’s Learner of the Month has been crowned not once, but twice!

At the heart of our recognition are individuals who embody passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to learning and supporting their peers.

Sarabjit Singh, nominated by our exceptional trainer Mandy Curtis, emerged as an outstanding learner from Wonderland Community Services. Despite navigating challenging personal circumstances, Sarabjit not only excelled in completing his courses—first aid, medication, and healthy bodies—but did so with remarkable finesse. His profound grasp of theory seamlessly translated into practical application, earning high praise. His dedication to both his studies and uplifting his classmates showcased his genuine passion for the field and unwavering support for his clients.

On the other side of this celebration, we honour Donna Fenlon from Possability, nominated by Serah McMahon, for her exceptional contributions. Donna’s collaborative spirit shone brightly during the SIMs session, fostering an inclusive and empowering learning environment for her peers. Despite facing personal challenges, Donna’s insights brought depth to discussions on health, demonstrating her intelligence, patience, and empathy towards others. Her inclusive approach during the Med workshop was lauded for its encouragement and positive influence.

While Sarabjit was joyously presented with his certificate and gift on November 27th, unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Donna for her moment of celebration. However, her certificate has been sent to Possability, ensuring she receives the recognition she absolutely deserves.

Congratulations to both Sarabjit and Donna—your passion, dedication, and unwavering spirit shine brightly, inspiring us all on this learning journey!

Learner of the Month, October 2023

Sarabjit Singh and Mandy Curtis