Flexible and easy

Career development doesn’t have to interrupt your busy life. We understand you need to balance priorities. Our self-directed essential courses give you control & flexibility. Complete certificate-level essential training when it suits. Time to take control of your career. Cancel anytime, any reason!

Real-world instructors

All the work is done. No need to feel stressed or confused trolling 3000+ courses to find what suits. Our real-world Instructors have given you the essential training courses for the growing roles in Healthcare & Social assistance. Download your certificate when you successfully complete each course.

On the job support

We want you to be the best you can and the right training is a great start.  But you need support on-the-job where it matters the most. Valuable support aids with 24/7 access on your mobile device the moment you need it.  MySupport when your job depends on it.

Free tips, resources & tools to boost your career


We all need support at work from time to time. Like when we are dealing with an unplanned event, complex tasks, or just don’t know what to do at that moment.

At Medecs we know the most effective learning happens on-the-job where you need support to learn when it matters the most.

MYsupport is a collection of valuable on-the-job support aids you can quickly access on mobile anywhere, anytime. MYSupport aids include video & audio prompts, infographics, guides, and many more.

MYSupport when your job depends on it.

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