Hobart Salvos Blessed by Medecs

During this festive season, our Medecs community united in a heartwarming initiative, generously donating bags of hope to The Salvation Army. Packed with essentials and delightful treats, each bag carried the warmth of our collective spirit.

From every corner of Tassie, contributions poured in, culminating in a heartfelt delivery to the Hobart Salvos, perfectly timed to reach those in most need.

Major Nicole Snead of the Salvos expressed immense gratitude, recognising the significant impact these donations will have: “These gifts will bring immense joy to individuals facing challenges this Christmas. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved.”

L-R – Laura R, Karen L, Major Snead, Deb S.

At Medecs Learning, the essence of giving thrives. Together, our efforts are crafting a positive change, embodying the true spirit of compassion and community.