Walk in Their Shoes – Mandy at Enriched Care

Clinical Instructor, Mandy Jones, participated in a day at a group home courtesy Enriched Care Solution as part of our Walk in Their Shoes initiative. This program allows our Instructors to witness firsthand how their teaching has impacted the individuals who have undergone training with us. Mandy shares her reflections on the day and how this experience left a lasting impact on her.

Reflecting on my day observing a care worker, it’s clear that their role in such a setting is demanding and multifaceted. The day kicked off with dispensing medications, a part that intrigued me, aligning with my role in education and teaching at Medecs Learning. I also had the chance to review each client’s care plans, serving as a comprehensive guide on all aspects of their care.

The morning unfolded with a myriad of responsibilities, including daily hygiene routines, cleaning duties, loads of washing, and hoist management.

A standout aspect of the day was the continuous cycle of washing and cleaning duties. Despite seeming mundane, these tasks hold immense significance in a group home environment. Beyond maintaining cleanliness, they contribute to creating a safe and comfortable home for residents. The repetitive nature fosters a routine reassuring for individuals, providing predictability and stability.

A standout aspect of the day was the continuous cycle of washing and cleaning duties.

Daily hygiene routines played a crucial role. Assisting residents with personal care needs demands physical effort and a compassionate, patient approach. In these moments, carers transcend mere caretakers, becoming sources of support and understanding, and fostering trusting relationships.

Hoist management added complexity, requiring a high level of skill and attention to detail. Ensuring residents’ well-being during these manoeuvres underscores the gravity of carers’ roles in promoting physical and emotional safety.

The day’s highlight was an outing to Kmart for Christmas shopping, injecting joy and anticipation into the home. Navigating the store and engaging in the holiday spirit offered a break from routine. My resident chose a T-shirt, a bottle of coke, and chocolates for her son, showcasing the importance of integrating social activities into daily life and contributing to overall well-being. We also visited a bakery, purchasing coffee and a muffin for my resident to enjoy upon returning home. On our return, another resident was taken out for lunch.

Observing in the group home emphasised the balance in caregiving. From routine tasks providing structure to special outings bringing joy, each aspect contributes to a holistic and enriching environment. The role demands organisational skills, empathy, patience, and a genuine commitment to enriching the quality of life.

A big thank you to Kate Smyth at Enriched Care Solutions for allowing me to spend a few hours in this home and to the lovely carers for sharing their daily routine. Everyone loves their job, and their genuine care for these clients is evident.