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A subscription to The Essentials Program gives you unlimited access to a growing library of courses written and developed by our accredited subject matter experts.

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(MEDESS000) The Essentials Program

(MEDESS001) WHS Essentials in the HCSA Sector

(MEDESS002) Medication Administration Essentials Part One

(MEDESS003) Medication Administration Essentials Part Two

(MEDESS004) Refresher Medication Administration Essentials

(MEDESS005) Manual Handling Essentials

(MEDESS006) Healthy Body Systems Essentials

(MEDESS007) Infection Prevention and Control Essentials

(MEDESS008) Managing Skin Integrity Essentials

(MEDESS009) Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials

(MEDESS010) Workplace Communication Essentials

(MEDESS011) Recognising Health Changes Essentials

(MEDESS012) Falls Prevention and Management Essentials

(MEDESS013) Introduction to Mental Health Essentials

(MEDESS014) Epilepsy Essentials and Seizure First Aid

(MEDESS015) Seizure Management: Recognition and First Aid Essentials

(MEDESS016) Palliative Approach Essentials

(MEDESS017) End of Life Support and Care Essentials

(MEDESS018) Supporting People Living With Dementia Essentials


How much does it cost?

Pricing is available for individuals and for organisations.

Individual subscriptions to The Essentials Program is $AU14.95 billed monthly.

Organisational subscriptions vary according to how many users access The Essentials Program per month. You pay for a cap of users per month and then $6 per user beyond that. This Active Pricing model ensures you only pay for what you need. Find out more.

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