The Essentials Program Launched

Chris Rattray Medecs Learning

We’ve launched our first online training package, The Essentials Program. In development for over a year, The Essentials Program is a subscription-based service.

For a monthly payment of $14.95 you get access to the following courses now, with more to come.

  • MEDESS000 The Essentials Program
  • MEDESS001 WHS essentials in the HCSA sector
  • MEDESS002 Medication Administration Essentials Part One
  • MEDESS003 Medication Administration Essentials Part Two
  • MEDESS004 Refresher Medication Administration Essentials
  • MEDESS005 Client Manual Handling Essentials
  • MEDESS006 Healthy Body Systems Essentials
  • MEDESS007 Infection Prevention and Control Essentials
  • MEDESS008 Managing Skin Integrity Essentials
  • MEDESS009 Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials

Unlock access to all courses by purchasing a subscription to (MEDESS000) The Essentials Program.