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What is it?
The Essentials Program is a library of certificate-level online courses for new and existing support and community workers in the HCSA sector.

The courses were written, designed, and developed by subject matter experts who have lived support care roles.

Their wisdom informs the skills and knowledge required for effective performance in support and care roles.

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How does it help?
We understand that organisation-driven staff development is challenging.

A key difference between service organisations is the quality of the support and care provided by their staff. More than ever, staff development is front and centre.

Job relevant, engaging, and supported online training is accessible, affordable, and provides your staff with the opportunity to self-develop.

How do we save money?
Competency refresher theory courses for high-risk support tasks are included, such as:

  • Refresher Medication Administration Essentials
  • Manual Handling Essentials

This represents an approximate saving of $10 per person over the traditional delivery method. In a group of a 100, this adds up to a saving of $1000.

Sounds good, so…

What do we get?

We support eLearning implementation with affordable pricing, set-up, and assistance.

Affordable pricing
Active user pricing means you only pay for staff that use your training portal per month. You choose a flexible pricing plan and we can adjust anytime. Please check out our pricing.

Easy set-up
The introduction of online learning to an organisation can be overwhelming. There’s potential resistance due to differing staff levels of digital literacy. But it’s the new normal. Set-up couldn’t be easier – we do it.

We know what happens when Debra is “just not into computers” or Steve can’t locate his password. At Medecs Learning we love to help because we live our motto – transformation through learning.

Your portal
Your online learning is delivered via your own staff portal website accessible via a customised web address, securely hosted, available 24/7 on any device with access to the internet.

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Active Pricing plans mean you only pay for what you need.

Package 50

$4600 $92 p. p.

Package 100

$6200 $62 p. p.

Package 500

$19000 $38 p. p.

Package 1000

$28000 $28 p. p.
All plans include

Annual payment

Unlimited users

Custom portal

Management reports

Help and support

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