Tetris Teamwork Triumphs at Annual Trainer Summit

On December 4, 2023, Medecs Learning brought together its trainers for the Annual Statewide Trainer meeting at The Grange in Campbell Town. It was an insightful gathering, covering various topics that truly showcased the expertise and dedication of the Medecs team.

We kicked off by warmly welcoming our new trainers, Gaylene, Li, and Maria, alongside our seasoned trainers. The collective knowledge and experience in the room emphasised the quality of our team.

One engaging activity had us split into groups for a tabletop version of the classic game “Tetris.” Surprisingly, this game conveyed a powerful message about teamwork and persistence. Just like in the game, our discussion highlighted the importance of not giving up, even when faced with challenges. It resonated deeply with our commitment to supporting students who might be struggling—a reminder that with calmness, collaboration, and seeking help when needed, we can achieve success and aid our students in their journey.

The Tetris activity conveyed a powerful message about teamwork and persistence.

While the game brought out our competitive spirit we also delved into significant topics. Steve presented “AI and Plagiarism,” discussing its relevance to RTO standards and our educational approach. It’s an area we’re exploring further to adapt and communicate effectively with our partners.

We also delved into the recent recommendations from the Disability Royal Commission. The insights were eye-opening, urging us to familiarise ourselves with the issues faced by people with disabilities to ensure inclusivity in our practices.

Discussions also revolved around enhancing our programs, particularly HLTHPS006 Assist Clients with Medication. We aim to revamp it based on industry engagement and release an improved version by July 2024.

Another crucial aspect was the ongoing assessment validation, a part of our commitment to continuous improvement. The recent focus was on HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, yielding valuable recommendations for refining our assessment processes, with plans to examine HLTAID011 Provide First Aid in January 2024.

Wrapping up, this meeting left us with a sense of accomplishment and unity. We’re driven by the pursuit of creating a safe, supportive learning environment for our students. As directors of Medecs Learning, Steve and I extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated trainer team for their unwavering support and hard work.

We eagerly anticipate next year’s gathering, continuing our journey towards excellence in education.