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Welcome to Clinical Healthcare Services

Our team of clinical care nurses (registered as a NDIS provider 0114 – community nursing care) are able to assist with a variety of complex healthcare needs.

Please request a service or make an appointment to chat about how we can help.

We service these complex healthcare needs

Bowel Care | Urinary Care | Manage Diabetes | Stoma Care | Enteral Care | Epilepsy and Seizure Care| Anaphylaxis Management and Administration of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors | Respiratory Care


Healthcare Management Plans

We develop new Healthcare Management plans or update existing plans. Current recommendations advise Individual care plans to be updated at least every 12 months. Is it time to update your plan?

Staff Advanced Training

Our practical Instructor-led courses are  typically aligned to a Healthcare Management plan. Participants are assessed against the NDIS practice standards skills descriptors for high intensity daily supports.


Kate Lane R.N.

Complex Healthcare Manager

Kate is always happy to have a chat in regards to your Complex Healthcare needs. Make an appointment for a virtual meeting or get in touch via email: klane@medecslearning.com

Telehealth Consultations

Technical Requirements

We can phone or video conference with you anywhere on any device via our virtual meeting system. A suitable camera and microphone is needed if using a computer.