New Essentials Program Courses

Chris Rattray Medecs Learning

There’s lots of great courses available in our online training package, The Essentials Program.

Get access to the following new courses as well as the initial set of courses with one simple payment of $14.95 a month.

Available now

  • MEDESS008 Managing Skin Integrity Essentials
  • MEDESS009 Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials
  • MEDESS010 Effective Workplace Communication Essentials

Planned but delayed due to Covid-19

  • MEDESS011 Recognising Health Changes Essentials
  • MEDESS012 Falls Prevention Essentials
  • MEDESS013 Introduction to Mental Health Essentials
  • MEDESS014 Basic Medical Terminology Essentials
  • MEDESS015 Seizure Management: Recognition and First Aid Essentials
  • MEDESS016 Palliative Approach Essentials
  • MEDESS017 End of Life Support and Care Essentials
  • MEDESS018 Supporting People Living With Dementia Essentials


Unlock access to all courses by purchasing a subscription to (MEDESS000) The Essentials Program.