What we do

Today Medecs Learning is a diversified learning business serving organisations in the Healthcare & Social assistance sector.  We simply grew by helping our organisation partners solve their learning needs.

The important question is how can we help your organisation?

Training & Education

Medecs learning specialise in training support staff in the high-risk support tasks such as medication administration, complex care and client manual handling.  Delivery modes include workshop session and the Medecs Learning online platform 

Clinical Consultancy

Where complex and/or invasive techniques or procedures are required our Registered Nurse team will prepare a complex health care plan (CHCP). This sets out written instructions specific to an individual.

Staff training to manage complex medication & delivery systems includes

  • PEG management
  • Diabetes management
  • Bowel care
  • EpiPen administration
  • Colostomy management
  • Catheter care and
  • Epilepsy education & training


Quality support & care starts at the top. Staff practice is influenced and guided by the values and behaviours within your organisation. Advisory can provide the strategic framework to develop and align critical organisation tools that positively influence support practice outcomes in your organisation.

The Advisory framework includes the following essential tools:

  • Contemporary policies & procedures development including accessibility.
  • Individualised care plan templates aligned to staff training to inform & guide support practice
  • Organisation staff competency profiles to detail the required knowledge and skills to provide a benchmark for the best support practice in your organisation
  • Staff self-assessment skills surveys
  • Training options to address any knowledge and/or skills gaps.