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Trainers are Ready for Action!

Our Instructor teams from the North and Northwest came together at our Invermay Training Centre for a Regional Training Meeting that was all about combining professional growth with a whole lot of fun.

Our professional development sessions were like puzzle pieces falling into place, shaping a more skilled and knowledgeable team. And, of course, we took care of the nitty-gritty, ensuring that everything aligned with compliance standards – putting the pieces together for excellence.

The delightful presence of Mandy Curtis’ granddaughter, Millie, brought an extra dose of joy and enthusiasm to our opening activity, Jigsaw Mania.

Meanwhile, Deb’s furry companion, Harley, was a bit worn out from our adventures but perked up as soon as lunch arrived – a moment of shared laughter and bonding.

Our focus for reflection during this memorable meeting was on Leadership. We brainstormed and exchanged ideas on how we could showcase leadership in our respective domains, always keeping our learners and partners in mind. It was a valuable exercise in putting together the building blocks of success.

Our Professional Development topic of the day centred around Assessment Validation – a crucial component in ensuring top-notch quality in our offerings. By addressing this, we are piecing together the ultimate educational experience for our learners and solidifying our partnerships.

The excitement doesn’t end here! We’re eagerly looking forward to our upcoming meeting with the South team in just a few weeks, where we’ll continue to blend fun, growth, and excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as we put together the complete picture of success!

Deb Stone, Managing Director