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Adult Learner’s Week 2023 Hobart

On September 5, 2023, we hosted our inaugural Adult Learner’s Week pop-up event at Technopark in Hobart. Our students and partner organisations joined us for a warm welcome from Deb. She highlighted the transformative power of learning, past and future.

Opening speech and attendees

Former student Jess Stone shared her inspiring journey. Initially disinterested in learning, Jess worked at a burger joint, unknowingly setting the stage for her career. She later took mental health first aid and First Aid training with Medecs Learning. Jess now works at Nexus and plans to pursue a Social Worker degree at UTAS next year. Jess’s story embodies the idea that it’s “never too late to learn.”

Deb with Jess

We introduced the Learner of the Month Award in October 2022 to recognize outstanding students, and we’ve awarded several with certificates and $100 gift vouchers. For Adult Learner’s Week, we expanded the recognition to include a Learner of the Year Award for each region. This year’s winner is Msurshima (Shima) Mnaemeka from Hobart City Mission. Congratulations, Shima!

Deb and Bridget with Shima, Learner of the Year (Hobart)

We added some fun with lucky door prizes, mannequin naming, and guessing the number of CPR keyrings in a jar. Attendees enjoyed an afternoon tea and informal discussions.

Keyrings and Manny Quinn (not actual name)

Overall, this event was a success, celebrating “Adult Learners Week – It’s never too late to learn.”

We thank everyone for attending and look forward to next year’s event.

Deb Stone, Managing Director