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Adult Learner’s Week 2023 Launceston

The journey to celebrate Adult Learners Week concluded in Launceston. After meeting with trainers in the North and Northwest regions, we celebrated achievements with students and service providers at our Invermay Office.

Our North Adult Learner of the Year, D’Arne Pinner from Multicap Tasmania, received a well-deserved hamper for her resilience and hard work in various programs.

D’Arne receives her LOTY 2023 Launceston award

It was a fitting end to the week, echoing Deb’s message:

“Amidst today’s challenges and uncertainties, let’s remember that learning is a powerful tool. It empowers individuals and communities to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future. This week, let’s not only celebrate achievements but also inspire others to embark on their own learning journey. Encourage those around you to embrace the joy of discovery, personal growth, and the limitless possibilities of continued education.”

Attendees learnt about the limitless possibilities of continued education

Deb Stone, Managing Director