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Adult Learner’s Week 2023 Devonport

On September 7, 2023, we celebrated Adult Learners Week in Devonport. Our students, partner organizations, and Deb gathered at our Devonport Training Centre. Deb emphasised the transformative nature of learning and shared Jess Stone’s inspiring journey video from our Hobart event, reminding us that it’s never too late to learn.

It’s never too late to eat cake either!

We also announced the NW Learner of the Year, Christine Hayes from Elation Futures, nominated by our NW trainer Carole French. Although Carole couldn’t join us, Serah McMahon shared her comments about a dedicated student who aspires to provide excellent care to clients. Congratulations, Christine, on your disability career!

Workers from Elation Futures all smiles for Christine, LOTY 2023 Devonport

We had a blast with our competitions, and the winners were thrilled with their first aid and snakebite kits. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon where we celebrated the power of learning. Thank you to all who attended, and we’re excited for an even bigger event in 2024.

Deb Stone, Managing Director