Learner of the Month March 2024 Neha Budathoki

At Medecs Learning, we deeply value the transformative potential of education. Today, we’re proud to highlight Neha, our Learner of the Month for March 2024, nominated by both Karen MacLaren and Karen Lovering.

Karen MacLaren praised Neha’s confidence and competence during a medication simulation class, where Neha demonstrated a clear understanding of medication administration principles. Karen Lovering commended Neha’s thorough practical assessment and humble approach.

Neha, congratulations from all of us at Medecs Learning! Your dedication and professionalism are truly commendable. As you continue your journey, we’re excited to see your continued growth.

At Medecs Learning, we witness the positive impact of education firsthand. Through personalised support, we empower learners like Neha to succeed. Each success story reinforces our belief in the value of education.

To all our learners, every accomplishment is worth celebrating. Whether it’s mastering new skills or overcoming obstacles, we’re here to support you. Let Neha’s story inspire us all to approach learning with determination and humility.

Congratulations, Neha, and to all our learners – here’s to your ongoing success!

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Trainer, Karen MacLaren with Neha Budathoki