Learner of the Month Grace Woolford, November 2023

We’re beaming with pride to introduce you to Grace Woolford, our incredible Learner of the Month for November! Grace embarked on the Recognise Healthy Body Systems unit with the Assist Clients with Medication course, and from the very beginning, her dedication and resourcefulness shone through.

“While Grace hadn’t finished all the reading for the online theory component, she’d gone above and beyond,” said her instructor, Bridget Walker. “Instead of simply skipping ahead, Grace actively sought out information and researched the required responses independently! Talk about taking initiative!”

This kind of go-getter attitude was on full display during Grace’s final assessment. Bridget was particularly impressed by how Grace tackled the case study. Instead of choosing a fictional scenario, Grace opted for a real client, considering their situation holistically. Even though her answers were concise, they were packed with practical insights and thoughtful solutions specific to that client’s needs.

And when it came to the Medication assessment, Grace truly showed how much the Recognise Healthy Body Systems knowledge had clicked for her. She seamlessly applied her learnings to make safe and informed medication decisions. Watching her confidence and understanding blossom was a joy for Bridget and everyone involved.

Grace with her certificate and gift voucher.

It’s truly inspiring to encounter students like Grace who genuinely embrace the value of Recognise Healthy Body Systems knowledge and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. She’s a shining example of the passion and dedication that our learners bring to the table, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate her achievements!

So, here’s to you, Grace! Thank you for reminding us that learning can be an enriching journey filled with curiosity, initiative, and real-world impact. You’re an inspiration to us all!