Frequently Asked Questions.


My login details don’t work?

Send us a help ticket via our Support page.

Your query will be addressed within 24 hours during a typical business week, or the next business day if submitted during a weekend or public holiday.


How do I obtain an Enrolment Form?

Enrolment Forms are attached to Course Confirmation emails sent by Medecs Client Support and should be submitted prior to the training date for processing. Any outstanding information and signatures require follow up by Medecs Client Support to comply with the RTO procedure.

Why do you need a printed Enrolment Form?

Accredited Courses require a fully completed and signed Enrolment Form. This is a mandatory requirement by the RTO, St Michaels Training, to comply with auditing and reporting procedures.

Which courses are accredited and which ones aren’t?

Accredited Courses are:

  • HLTHPS006 Assist Clients with Medication
  • HLTAAP001 Recognise Healthy Body Systems
  • HLTAID011 – Provide first aid
  • HLTAID009 – Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Non-Accredited Courses are:

  • Manual Handling
  • Annual Medication Refresher
  • Online Medication Refresher
  • Medecs Learning Essentials programs
  • Epilepsy education and training
  • Complex Care Training – Bowel Care, PEG management, Diabetes management, other medical-related issues.
  • Mental Health First Aid – endorsed by Mental Health First Aid Australia

Medecs Learning issues a Certificate of Attendance for each student which is emailed to the organisation/employer.

I’ve lost my USI number, can you help find it?

Your USI number can be found on this website:

How can I complete the enrolment form and where do I return it to?

Scan and email fully completed Enrolment Forms to admin@medecslearning.com or post to:

Medecs Learning
PO Box 327

Unfortunately, photos of Enrolment Forms are not accepted by the RTO, they must be the original format and cannot be completed online.

Organisations/Employers should be able to assist with scanning to email.

If you’ve lost an Enrolment Form, they’re available here.

I haven’t received a confirmation email/my login details, how can I get these?

These details are usually sent about seven days before your class starts. It’s unlikely that you’ll receive confirmation emails earlier than this. If that’s the case, simply wait longer.

If you haven’t received your confirmation email/login within 48 hours of the start of your class, get in touch with admin@medecslearning.com.

The Essentials Program for Individuals

What do I get?

A subscription to The Essentials Program gives you unlimited access to a growing library of courses written and developed by our accredited subject matter experts.

  • The Essentials Program
  • Available Now
  • Coming Soon
  • Courses
  • Non-Accredited
  • The Essentials Program

(MEDESS000) The Essentials Program

(MEDESS001) WHS Essentials in the HCSA Sector

(MEDESS002) Medication Administration Essentials Part One

(MEDESS003) Medication Administration Essentials Part Two

(MEDESS004) Refresher Medication Administration Essentials

(MEDESS005) Manual Handling Essentials

(MEDESS006) Healthy Body Systems Essentials

(MEDESS007) Infection Prevention and Control Essentials

(MEDESS008) Managing Skin Integrity Essentials

(MEDESS009) Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials

(MEDESS010) Workplace Communication Essentials

(MEDESS011) Recognising Health Changes Essentials

(MEDESS012) Falls Prevention and Management Essentials

(MEDESS013) Introduction to Mental Health Essentials

(MEDESS014) Epilepsy Essentials and Seizure First Aid

(MEDESS015) Seizure Management: Recognition and First Aid Essentials

(MEDESS016) Palliative Approach Essentials

(MEDESS017) End of Life Support and Care Essentials

(MEDESS018) Supporting People Living With Dementia Essentials


How much does it cost?

Pricing is available for individuals and for organisations.

Individual subscriptions to The Essentials Program is $AU14.95 billed monthly.

Organisational subscriptions vary according to how many users access The Essentials Program per month. You pay for a cap of users per month and then $6 per user beyond that. This Active Pricing model ensures you only pay for what you need. Find out more.

The Essentials Program for Organisations

What is The Essentials Program online training?

The Essentials Program is an online library of certificate-level courses for new and existing support and community workers in the HCSA sector.

The courses were written, designed, and developed by subject matter experts who have lived support care roles.

Their wisdom informs the skills and knowledge required for effective performance in support and care roles in disability, aged, and community, and healthcare.

How does this meet my needs?

We understand organisation-driven staff development is becoming increasingly challenging, due to limited resources and casualisation of staffing.

However, we’re now in a competitive user-choice market. And a key difference between service organisations is the quality of the support and care provided by their staff. More than ever, staff development is front and centre.

Job relevant, engaging, and supported online training is accessible, affordable, and provides your staff with the opportunity to self-develop.

How does it save us money?

A subscription to The Essentials Program includes staff competency refresher theory for high-risk support tasks such as:

  • Refresher Medication Administration Essentials
  • Manual Handling Essentials

This inclusion represents an approximate saving of $10 per person. In a group of a 100, this adds up to a saving of $1000!

Not only will this save you money but it also means you can show external stakeholders that your organisation is set up and ready to schedule staff competency refresher training for high-risk support tasks.