Do it For Dolly Day!

As Managing Director at Medecs Learning, Deb Stone says, “It’s been an honour to contribute to the Do it for Dolly Day Campaign 2024. I’m constantly amazed by our exceptional team who have enthusiastically participated in friendly rivalry to support this vital cause.”

Deb was impressed by the dedication demonstrated by staff, which included creating delicious goodies, decorating the office, and sporting their best blue attire. Each effort counted to highlight the issue of abuse and advocating for people to voice their opposition against it, as we strove to fulfil Dolly’s vision of a gentler, safer world for Australia’s children and community.



Treats made by staff for donations and desks decorated at training centres to raise awareness


“Whenever I wear my blue shirt and hair wrap, I will remember the victims of bullying,” she said. “And ‘to be kind and speak, even if your voice shakes’. It’s my hope and prayer that we continue to work hard as a community to prevent any more children from losing their lives to bullying.”



Karen Lovering, Leonie Chung and Deb Stone