Do it For Dolly Because You Can

“Do It for Dolly Day holds a profoundly personal significance for many,” says Medecs Learning Trainer Leonie Chung. “It embodies a message that resonates deeply with those of us connected to the tight-knit community of Katherine, located 350km south of Darwin.” 


Dolly’s story, heartbreakingly common yet uniquely poignant, has sparked a movement that transcends borders, reaching out to touch hearts and inspire change in communities far and wide. 

Leonie Chung and Tom Curtain

Leonie’s cousin, country singer Tom Curtain captured the essence of Dolly’s message in his song, “Speak Up Even if Your Voice Shakes”. This powerful anthem, inspired by Dolly’s own words, serves as a beacon of hope and a rallying cry for those who find themselves facing the daunting challenge of standing up to bullies. 


It’s a reminder that speaking out, despite the fear and vulnerability that may accompany it, can pave the way for profound change. The courage to be kind, to stand up for what is right, and to support one another, even in the face of adversity, is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and capacity for compassion. 

The ongoing efforts of Dolly’s Dream to combat bullying and foster a culture of kindness are commendable and crucial. As we witness bullying not just in schools but also in workplaces across Australia and beyond, the message of Dolly’s Dream—that kindness is not just an act but a lifestyle choice we must all embrace—has never been more relevant. 

“Let us all be inspired to carry forward this message, to speak up for those who can’t,” Leonie says, “to support our colleagues, friends, and community members, ‘even if our voice shakes.’”  

Together, we can create a legacy of kindness, understanding, and support that honours Dolly’s memory and makes our world a safer, more compassionate place for everyone. 

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