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What’s the difference between a refresher first aid course and the full course?

Under legislation, First Aid is required to be updated 3-yearly.  

We offer two options both leading to First Aid accreditation. 

  1. First Aid Refresher is for those that have done First Aid before – 5-hour workshop for $180.  This program is also suitable for students who have a strong healthcare background and underpinning knowledge such as Nurses, Doctors etc.
  2. First Aid full – For Students who have not done first aid training previously or who have not undertaken a refresher program for a long time, are enrolled into the full first aid program – 7-hour workshop with a cost of $195. 

The Australian Resuscitation Council also recommends that individuals undertake an annual CPR Refresher. Whilst this is not mandatory, many organisations require their staff to do this. This program is 2-hours and is either delivered as a stand-alone course or students attend the first 2 hours of a First Aid Refresher as above. The cost is $88.

Organisations who require this for staff will have the following cycle: 

  • Year 1 First Aid full 
  • Year 2 CPR Refresher 
  • Year 3 CPR Refresher 
  • Year 4 First Aid Refresher 
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