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Urinary Care


Course Outline

The Urinary Care course comprises both theoretical online modules and practical workshops aimed at providing comprehensive knowledge and skills for urinary system care. The theoretical section covers a foundational understanding of the male and female urinary systems, hydration principles, and different catheter types, focusing on recognizing complications that necessitate intervention and when to involve healthcare practitioners. Participants also learn the importance of maintaining records and charts in urinary care.

In the practical workshops, attendees acquire hands-on expertise in managing indwelling catheters, suprapubic catheters, external catheters (Uridome), and intermittent catheter insertion, along with conducting urine analyses. The emphasis is placed on personal hygiene, infection control, obtaining consent, monitoring catheter positioning and skin conditions, recognising and managing complications like blockages or dislodgements, and understanding when to report issues or seek professional assistance.



Who is the course for?

This course would greatly benefit healthcare professionals like nurses, caregivers, medical assistants, or allied health practitioners involved in direct patient care, especially those catering to individuals with urinary issues, spinal cord injuries, or neurological conditions requiring urinary system management. Additionally, it could aid healthcare students seeking specialization in fields related to nursing, caregiving, or urology.

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