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The Essentials Program


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The Essentials Program is a library of certificate-level courses for workers in the HCSA sector. These online-only courses are intended for personal and professional development only and are not accredited.

These courses are all included in one online enrolment, free forever:


  • Practice Workplace Health and Safety in the Healthcare Sector
  • Safe Medication Management 1
  • Safe Medication Management 2
  • Refresher Medication Administration Online
  • How to Move and Position People Safely
  • Identify and Promote Healthy Body Function
  • Implement Infection Prevention and Control
  • Manage a Person’s Skin Integrity
  • Implement Person-Centred Support Planning
  • Communicate with Others Effectively at Work
  • Recognise and Monitor a Person’s Health Status Changes
  • Prevention and Management of Falls
  • Provide Care Using a Palliative Approach


Price: Free
Duration: 40-60 minutes per unit

Who is the course for?

Anyone working in the HCSA sector who wants to expand their knowledge in regards to common issues.

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The Essentials Program