Stoma Care


Course Outline

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The Stoma Care program, complementing Bowel Care, offers comprehensive theoretical understanding and hands-on practice in managing stomas like colostomies and ileostomies. The online modules cover essential anatomical knowledge of the eliminatory system, emphasising skin and stoma care, equipment functions, recognizing risks, and indicators for malfunction, as well as procedures for reporting problems and involving healthcare professionals.

In practical workshops, participants learn safe positioning techniques, personal hygiene protocols, and infection control measures for stoma care. They gain expertise in replacing and disposing of bags, monitoring and maintaining skin health, while respecting the personal nature of this support and obtaining participant consent. Moreover, the course instructs on recognising and addressing issues like blockages or signs of declining health promptly.

This course would greatly benefit healthcare professionals like nurses, caregivers, medical assistants, or anyone directly involved in providing care for individuals with stomas. It’s also valuable for healthcare students or those specialising in fields related to nursing, wound care, or gastrointestinal healthcare, where knowledge of stoma management is vital for patient care.