Recognise Healthy Body Systems


Course Outline

Price: Standalone $395 | With Medication $250 | Duration: Theory 4-6 hours | Workshop 30 minutes

This course equips individuals with the essential skills and insights to comprehend basic human anatomy, fostering an understanding of maintaining optimal bodily functions. Comprising a single unit aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework at level III, it empowers learners to apply fundamental knowledge within their professional roles. Tailored for those needing to comprehend and apply information related to client anatomy and physiology, it holds particular significance in Tasmania, where unregulated healthcare workers are mandated to have this knowledge for medication administration. Ideal for care workers, support workers, health workers, and personal carers seeking to enhance their proficiency in client anatomy and physiology, this course facilitates the development of crucial knowledge and practical skills in this domain.

The course is comprised of one unit. The unit is at Australian Qualifications Framework level III. This means you can apply basic and procedural knowledge in your role at work.

The unit is HLTAAP001-Recognise Healthy Body Systems.

A summary of the knowledge and skills to be covered in the course includes knowledge of basic structure and functions of the body systems and associated components, including:

  • cells, tissues and organs

  • cardiovascular system

  • respiratory system

  • musculo-skeletal system

  • endocrine system

  • digestive system

  • urinary system

  • reproductive system

  • integumentary system

  • lymphatic system

  • nervous system, including sensory systems - eye and ear

  • the special senses - smell, taste, vision, equilibrium and hearing

  • immune system

  • processes, conditions and resources required by the body to support healthy functioning

body regulation including:

  • maintenance of body temperature

  • fluid and electrolyte (including PH) balance

  • elimination of wastes from the body

  • maintenance of blood pressure

  • protection from infection

  • physical activity - active and passive

The Learner must demonstrate they can work effectively with information about the human body and its healthy functioning in at least 3 different situations.

Learning Objectives
This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to work with basic information about the human body and to recognise and promote ways to maintain healthy functioning of the body. It is suitable for carers and support workers in a community setting, supported accommodation and day support services that require the development of knowledge and skills in reference to client anatomy and physiology. Roles include:

  • Care workers

  • Support workers

  • Health workers

  • Personal carers

Further unit details can be found on the commonwealth government training website Click here

There are no entry requirements for this unit. No pre-existing knowledge or skills have been assumed and the course has been designed to provide the learner with all the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire competency.

However, there is the requirement for a level of functional foundation skills such as learning, reading, writing and numeracy and digital literacy skills. As is required for a support work role in the health care and social assistance sector. The course is delivered using the English language. The course does not involve complex use of language or writing skills. If English is your second language and you require assistance, please refer to our support services.

Delivery Mode
The training and assessment activities that comprise this course are delivered online. All Learners are encouraged to complete the online module but can be offered the hard copy resource booklet and assessment booklet if access to a computer is an issue.

Both modes of theory delivery allow learners to first acquire the required knowledge and then complete all written assessment activities and finally put this knowledge into practice during the final simulation assessment with the Assessor.

Medecs Learning Trainers and our online support team will provide you any necessary assistance with the online learning.

Duration: The course is delivered over approximately 23 hours online. Dependant on your learning level and a 1-hour face to face final assessment with your Assessor.

Venue locations for the final simulation assessment (allow one hour):

Launceston - 62 Invermay Rd, Invermay
Hobart - Techno Park, Innovation Drive Dowsing Point, Hobart
East Devonport - St Michaels Assoc. 19 North Caroline St, East Devonport.

Qualification Issued
Successful completion of the unit will lead to a Statement of Attainment - HLTAAP001 Recognise Healthy Body Systems. This will be issued at the completion of the program.

Certificate Validity
While Statements of Attainment (SoA) don't expire, the various licences and 'tickets' that you may use your SoAs for, often have their own regulations to do with how long they remain valid.

More About This Course
In Tasmania this is a required unit for unregulated healthcare workers to administer medications. This unit is typically undertaken with the unit, HLTHPS006 Assist clients with medication. Most learners in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector are referred by their employer as a requirement of their work role.

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