Manage Diabetes


Course Outline

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The Manage Diabetes course encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical workshops aimed at equipping individuals with comprehensive skills to handle diabetes effectively. The online modules cover understanding diabetes types 1 and 2, factors influencing blood glucose levels, insulin management methods, identifying symptoms and risks of fluctuating blood sugar levels, and recognizing complications.

Practical workshops focus on hands-on experiences in blood glucose monitoring through various methods, ketone monitoring, administering glucagon and insulin injections, and implementing diabetes management plans while adhering to hygiene and infection control protocols. Participants learn to recognize, respond to, and record blood sugar levels, ensuring individualized care and addressing hypoglycemic episodes promptly.

This course is designed to benefit healthcare professionals such as nurses, caregivers, medical assistants, or allied health practitioners involved in direct patient care for individuals with diabetes. It would also assist healthcare students seeking specialization in fields related to endocrinology, diabetes management, or nursing.