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Epilepsy and Seizure Care


Course Outline

The Epilepsy and Seizure Care program covers theoretical foundations and practical workshops designed to impart comprehensive understanding and skills in handling epilepsy and seizures. The online modules delve into brain anatomy, nervous system functions, seizure types, triggers, symptoms, management procedures, associated risks, and the impact of epilepsy on individuals. Participants learn about creating safe environments, seizure monitoring, recording information, and reporting protocols.

In practical workshops, attendees gain hands-on experience administering medications via various devices, using implantable and wearable technology for seizure management, and practicing hygiene and infection control measures while respecting individual consent.



Who is the course for?

This course would significantly benefit healthcare professionals, nurses, caregivers, and individuals involved in direct care for those with epilepsy or prone to seizures. It’s also valuable for healthcare students pursuing fields related to neurology, emergency medicine, or caregiving, where knowledge of seizure management is crucial for patient safety and well-being.

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