Epilepsy and Seizure Care


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Price: on request | Duration: 1 - 2.5 hours

The Epilepsy and Seizure Care program provides a comprehensive understanding of managing epilepsy and seizures, blending theory with practical workshops. Online modules explore brain anatomy, nervous system functions, seizure types, triggers, symptoms, management procedures, associated risks, and the impact of epilepsy. Participants learn to create safe environments, monitor seizures, maintain records, and follow reporting protocols. Practical sessions offer hands-on experience in administering medications using various devices, employing implantable and wearable technology for seizure management, and practicing hygiene and infection control with respect to individual consent.

This course is invaluable for healthcare professionals, nurses, caregivers, and those directly involved in epilepsy care, as well as healthcare students specializing in neurology, emergency medicine, or caregiving, emphasising the significance of seizure management for patient well-being.

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