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Bowel Care


Course Outline

The Bowel Care program comprises online theoretical learning and practical workshops, focusing on fundamental knowledge and hands-on skills. The theoretical segment delves into the anatomy of the digestive system, emphasizing the significance of regular bowel care, recognizing healthy stool characteristics, and understanding associated signs and symptoms. Participants gain insights into conditions like autonomic dysreflexia and learn about nutrition, hydration requirements, and related protocols. They also develop skills in observing and documenting changes in bowel habits, administering non-routine medication, and identifying indications for intervention or referral to healthcare professionals.

In the practical workshops, attendees practice administering suppositories, low-volume enemas, bowel washouts, digital stimulation, and abdominal massages. They grasp the importance of personal hygiene, infection control, and obtaining consent for this sensitive support. Moreover, the program emphasizes recognizing situations requiring immediate medical attention and knowing when to seek professional advice.



Who is the course for?

This course caters to healthcare professionals, caregivers, or individuals involved in providing direct care and support to individuals with specific medical needs, such as those with spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions, or gastrointestinal issues. It could also benefit healthcare students or those seeking to specialise in areas related to nursing, caregiving, or allied health professions where knowledge of bowel care and related practices is crucial for patient care and management.

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