Assist Clients with Medication


Course Outline

Price: $640 | With Simulation Workplace Practice $815 | Duration: 2 weeks


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and provide medication assistance and complete medication documentation. It also involves supporting a client to self- administer medication. This unit applies to disability, aged and community services and health workers with authority in their state or territory to assist with the administration of medication. This is a blended delivery program combining online, face to face workshop training and workplace practice to give you the supported opportunity to achieve competence. A full day training with our clinical instructor is to go through all aspects of providing medication including observing correct administration procedures, prepare for managing unplanned events, practice tasks and receive feedback.

Assessment Activities

Foundation Skills
Language, literacy, numeracy, and employment skills that are essential to perform administration tasks including documentation. This assessment is completed in the online module.

Essential Knowledge
Online module assessment activities to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively do the tasks and manage contingencies in the context of the work role.

Workplace Practice
Student utilises workplace journal activities to show evidence of providing assistance with medication. This can be conducted via a simulated workplace practice with Medecs Learning, where our clinical instructor acts in the role of a workplace supervisor and the person(s) receiving medication, or on-site under the supervision of a nominated workplace supervisor.


Students must show evidence of providing assistance with medication:

  • To at least five different clients according to their care plans
  • With at least five different types of medications
  • Used at least three different modes of administration
  • Consistently adhered to procedures and regulatory requirements for assisting with medication.

The timetable information below displays practical workshop dates only.

The course is comprised of one unit. The Unit is at Australian Qualifications Framework, level III. Content includes essential knowledge required to perform tasks effectively such as legislation and regulations, basic medication terminology, forms of medication and how they are handled and administered, characteristics of common medications and documentation requirements. Students will show evidence of the ability to complete essential tasks by adhering to procedures, administering under supervision, and managing unplanned events.

Learning Objectives
To be assessed as competent in the unit elements and performance criteria. Which are:

1. Prepare to assist with medication
2. Prepare the client for assistance with administration of medication
3. Support clients with administration of medication
4. Handle medication contingencies
5. Complete medication distribution and documentation

There are no entry requirements for this unit. No pre-existing knowledge or skills have been assumed and the course has been designed to provide the learner with all the knowledge and skills necessary to acquire competency. A Learner undertaking this unit has typically completed enterprise and on-site induction training which provides the learner with pre-existing knowledge and skills relating to sector policies & procedures, regulatory code of conduct, the use of PPE, risk management and procedures relating to emergency responses.

There is the requirement for a level of functional foundation skills such as learning, reading, writing and numeracy and digital literacy skills. As is required for a support work role.

Delivery Mode
This is a blended delivery program combining online, face-to-face workshop training and workplace practice to allow you to achieve competence.

Qualification Issued
Successful completion of the unit will lead to a Statement of Attainment - HLTHPS006 Assist Clients with Medication. This will be issued at the completion of the program.

Certificate Validity
While Statements of Attainment (SoA) don't expire, the various licences and 'tickets' that you may use your SoAs for, often have their own regulations to do with how long they remain valid.

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