Complex Healthcare Solutions

At Medecs Learning we specialise in complex healthcare planning for individuals and staff training for service provider organisations and people with complex healthcare needs.

Our experienced team of Registered Nurses are well-versed in disability, aged care, community, and healthcare, and have positively impacted diverse individuals and organisations. Whether you’re a service provider, support coordinator, or someone with complex healthcare requirements, we’re here to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Your Team

Meet the people who will coordinate our services so you get the support you need when you need it.

Kate Lane, RN

I have 10 years of nursing experience in the Disability sector, starting as a junior nurse on the floor and advancing into a management role. This journey has given me valuable insights into recognising the needs that staff require to effectively fulfill their roles as disability carers.

Beyond my professional life, I find joy in gardening, crafting, and traveling. I’m always the one orchestrating our next adventure, much to the patience of my partner, who also happens to work in the disability sector.

My four children have blossomed into incredible adults, and I couldn’t be prouder. They’ve each chosen diverse career paths, with only one following in the health field.

At home, I tend to three demanding chickens who make their hunger very apparent by loud clucking. Any neighbourly complaints are typically resolved with a dozen fresh eggs.

Deb Stone, RN

Hey there, I’m Deb. I’ve been fortunate to dedicate 37 years to nursing and clinical management across both acute and community sectors, including as a registered nurse educator at a residential aged care facility. Being part of a clinical team is a privilege, allowing me to contribute to others’ well-being while upholding exceptional standards of clinical care.

Outside of work, my piano takes center stage, and I actively engage in my Salvo Church community. Harley, my furry companion, accompanies me on travels to statewide offices, where he eagerly welcomes visitors.

Recently becoming a first-time Nana, Charlie Winston has stolen my heart. Sharing life with my two daughters and their partners brings me immense joy and fulfillment.

Karen Lovering, RN

I’ve savoured more than 38 years in nursing, specializing in training and assessment coordination across various clinical settings within the health and community services sector. This extensive experience has ignited a passion for implementing innovative learning design methods to integrate clinical governance seamlessly into the everyday operations of service providers.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I cherish spending time on creative projects with my family, fostering lasting memories and stronger connections. Additionally, I dedicate time to researching alternative and complementary medicine modalities to offer support to family and friends coping with chronic diseases.

Kate Lane, Deb Stone, Karen Lovering

Our Services

Individual Healthcare Planning

We develop new care plans or update existing ones.

Staff Training and Assessment

We deliver staff complex healthcare training and assess competence mapped to NDIS practice standards and skills descriptors.

Clinical Governance

We provide clinical oversight aligned to NDIS practice standards including policy and procedure development.


Your destination and source of all information to do with your complex healthcare services at Medecs Learning.

Staff Training and Assessment

Our Clinical Nurse Instructors deliver competency-based training mapped to NDIS standards and skills descriptors complete with full documentation upload for NDIS compliance. Access our video series for 24/7 nurse-like support. Elevate your support team’s skills for the rigorous demands of complex healthcare with courses such as:

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Kate Lane R.N.

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