Complex Health Care

Complex Care Training

As an NDIS registered provider of complex care training, we prepare Individual Complex Health Care Plans (NDIS community nursing 0114).

Our team of sector-led clinical nurse instructors deliver a range of tailored complex care training services for support workers, including:

  • PEG/PEJ management  
  • Bowel Care including administration of suppositories/enemas, abdominal massage, and digital stimulation
  • Catheter Care (SPC, IDC or clean intermittent catheterisation)
  • Asthma management including nebuliser and inhaler administration
  • Diabetes management including blood glucose monitoring, insulin, and glucagon administration
  • Colostomy/Ileostomy management
  • Anaphylaxis management including epipen administration
  • Safe oxygen handling and administration

Updated individual Complex Health Care Plans are required prior to training commencement

Individual Complex Health Care Planning (CHCP) 

Where a complex and/or invasive technique or procedure is required, a Complex Health Care Plan (CHCP) must be prepared or updated to ensure it is current. The CHCP sets out written instructions specific to an individual describing the procedure to be performed and how it is to be undertaken safely.

While CHCP evaluation frequency depends on the nature of a care recipient’s medical conditions and the level of assistance required, they should be reviewed and updated at least every 12 months to be deemed current.

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