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Our new training system, MYSUPPORT, is live! Manual Handling is the first course to be delivered with all our courses set to transition to MYSUPPORT over the next couple of months. Until the transition’s complete you may have two different sets of login details depending on how you’ve enrolled, one set for our retiring system, TLMS, and another for MYSUPPORT. We hope it doesn’t put you out too much, but if you’re experiencing password overwhelm, here’s a tip: use a password manager! Password managers securely keep track of all your login details. Modern web browsers like Google Chrome,¬† Microsoft Edge, and Brave have password managers built-in. There are also web-based services like BitWarden and LastPass. Whether you use a password …

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RTO Status Achieved

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We are excited to inform you that we are now a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 45695). Due to the growth in demand for our education and training services, and the increase in complex cases across the sector, it is important that Medecs Learning manage all aspects of the delivery of our services into the future. This will allow us to respond to the needs of our partners and the sector rapidly and more effectively. Current Skills Tasmania Skills fund contracts applied for in third-party arrangement with St Michaels Training, including the recently submitted ST055 Skills fund tender, will be trained under the current third party arrangement. So it's business as usual. Future tender submissions will be undertaken in partnership with ...

Manual Handling Training Resumes

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A number of service provider organisations have engaged us to deliver the Manual Handling staff refresher training, aimed at engaging with staff to refresh Manual Handling practices and discuss specific challenges.   The program typically involves completion of the online Essentials Manual Handling refresher training prior to a two-hour practical group session at one of our statewide venues. Staff receive a certificate of successful completion.

Leading Service Providers Build Opportunity

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Medecs Learning has partnered with leading service providers to deliver The Essentials Program for Organisations, an affordable selection of courses designed to help improve practice through our accessible and flexible online training platform. Courses can now be taken wherever staff are, whenever needed, to provide them opportunities to learn and grow at their own pace. To see how a subscription to The Essentials Program for Organisations will help you to help others, contact us now.

The Essentials Program Launched

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We’ve launched our first online training package, The Essentials Program. In development for over a year, The Essentials Program is a subscription-based service. For a monthly payment of $14.95 you get access to the following courses now, with more to come. MEDESS000 The Essentials Program MEDESS001 WHS essentials in the HCSA sector MEDESS002 Medication Administration Essentials Part One MEDESS003 Medication Administration Essentials Part Two MEDESS004 Refresher Medication Administration Essentials MEDESS005 Client Manual Handling Essentials MEDESS006 Healthy Body Systems Essentials MEDESS007 Infection Prevention and Control Essentials MEDESS008 Managing Skin Integrity Essentials MEDESS009 Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials Unlock access to all courses by purchasing a subscription to (MEDESS000) The Essentials Program.

New Essentials Program Courses

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There's lots of great courses available in our online training package, The Essentials Program. Get access to the following new courses as well as the initial set of courses with one simple payment of $14.95 a month. Available now MEDESS008 Managing Skin Integrity Essentials MEDESS009 Person-Centred Support Planning Essentials MEDESS010 Effective Workplace Communication Essentials Planned but delayed due to Covid-19 MEDESS011 Recognising Health Changes Essentials MEDESS012 Falls Prevention Essentials MEDESS013 Introduction to Mental Health Essentials MEDESS014 Basic Medical Terminology Essentials MEDESS015 Seizure Management: Recognition and First Aid Essentials MEDESS016 Palliative Approach Essentials MEDESS017 End of Life Support and Care Essentials MEDESS018 Supporting People Living With Dementia Essentials   Unlock access to all courses by purchasing a subscription to (MEDESS000) The ...